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For what kind of investors does Capital Asset Management (CAM) provide services?
CAM provides investment services and solutions for high-net-worth individuals, trusts, charitable organizations, businesses and for qualified retirement plans. 


How is Capital Asset Management related to McCauley Nicolas?
Partners in the experienced accounting firm, McCauley Nicolas Company, LLC, co-founded CAM
in April of 2000.
Many clients of McCauley, Nicolas & Co. inquired about investment advice. In response, the partners decided to provide a reliable and trustworthy firm - Capital Asset Management - to which they could refer their clients for investment advice. Consequently, this helped McCauley, Nicolas & Co. provide a holistic service offering clients both tax and investment advice.


I inherited an investment portfolio from my mother’s estate, can you help me manage this?
Yes, CAM provides services not only to businesses and organizations but also to individuals
and trusts.


Does CAM manage IRA accounts?
These and other retirement accounts can benefit from CAM advisor’s personalized services.


What do you mean by “Passive Investment Management”?
This method of investing does not rely on market timing or stock predictions.  It is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a Nobel Prize winning approach to investing. MPT proposes that portfolios comprised of asset-class funds with low turnover will, over the long run, deliver the highest returns for a chosen level of risk.


What are the advantages of Passive Investment Management to me?
These funds typically have lower operating expenses than comparable, actively-managed funds and, having relatively low turnover, can incur less tax.


What are asset-class funds?
These mutual funds include investments in asset classes that range from government and corporate bonds, through value and growth stocks, and securities. They include long- and intermediate-term bonds as well as large-, medium-, and small-capitalization stocks.


What is a chosen level of risk?
This indicator – developed through a client interview – establishes the long- and short-term goals of your investment strategy and the necessity you have to maintain capital while pursuing the growth of your investment portfolio.


Does Capital Asset Management (CAM) have a minimum portfolio size?
$250,000 (however, we occasionally waive our minimum to meet specific needs).


How much does it cost to hold initial meetings with a CAM advisor?
There is no cost. Those who take the time to learn about our distinct approach are best positioned to determine whether CAM is a good, long-term fit. If you do not feel that way after you meet with us, we thank you for considering us.


How do you select a CAM advisor for me?
During initial conversations, you share your interests, objectives, background and personality, and a primary CAM advisor is selected who seems to best "click" with your needs. If you disagree with our assessment, you are welcome to meet with other advisors within CAM, or you can request a specific advisor you may already know. Regardless, our family approach to investing means you have access to a wide team of CAM support staff as part of your relationship.


Before I become a client, can Capital Asset Management evaluate my current investments? How much will this cost?
In addition to getting to know you and discussing your personality and objectives, a CAM investment advisor has numerous resources to help you determine whether your current holdings are meeting your investment needs. He or she typically asks you to share your current statements, and then compiles a balance sheet that summarizes the nature of your holdings for you. If your existing portfolio is relatively complex, you may also receive a software-based portfolio analysis to help you gain a more in-depth familiarity with your current investments.
For example:

  • Is your portfolio really as diversified as you think?
  • What sort of returns have you achieved with your current holdings? What are realistic expectations for the future?
  • What sort of hidden costs might you have paid? (This question can be especially telling if you are holding bonds within your fixed income assets or if you are a plan sponsor and we are assessing your retirement plan.)
There is no cost. Your understanding of your existing holdings is critical in helping you determine whether CAM can add value to your investment experiences.

How does CAM charge for its services?
A: CAM is a fee-only investment advisor, with our fees based on a percentage of your assets that we manage. One of our investment advisors can provide you with more details. We feel a fee-based approach best aligns our interests with yours:

  • A fee-only structure means the "cost clock" is never ticking during our conversations with you.
  • CAM accepts no commissions.
  • Fees are on a sliding scale, so as your portfolio grows, the percentage of CAM's fee decreases.
  • We take a family approach to investing, typically aggregating your family's assets to determine your fees, enabling more favorable rates for all.
  • There is no fee assessed for assets NOT under our management.

Does CAM hold my portfolio for me?
No. While you grant Capital Asset Management Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute transactions on your behalf, you remain in control of your assets. Your individual account is held in your name at a quality custodian such as Charles Schwab & Co. or TD Ameritrade. Similarly, retirement plans are typically held at custodians who specialize in such services, such as Schwab, First Merchantile and Union Bank of California.


Can Capital Asset Management work with either cash or current holdings?
Yes. Whether you have available cash, you plan to sell current holdings or you plan to transfer holdings in kind (without selling them), CAM will prepare the paperwork required to make it all happen. Whether your goal is to transition from current holdings into target holdings immediately or gradually, our goal is to recommend and implement an approach with which you are comfortable, to ensure that you have the confidence needed to remain adherent to your plans over the long run.

  Can CAM provide access to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds? How do I learn more about DFA?
You can learn more about Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) by clicking here . If you have already heard of DFA, you may be aware that it seeks to protect the reliability and manage the costs of its funds by requiring investors to access them via a select group of financial advisory firms. CAM is proud to provide DFA funds; we find that they are usually the best tool available for implementing a passive asset class investment approach for you.

Does CAM use ONLY DFA?
While DFA is currently our primary tool for constructing globally diversified, passively managed portfolios, it is by no means our only tool! Here are a few examples:

  • If your fixed income requirements are significant, our Fixed Income Department can build custom bond portfolios to manage portfolio volatility and/or address income flow needs.
  • If the commodities asset class is an appropriate holding for your portfolio, we seek a fund that offers the most accurate commodity exposure at the lowest cost.
  • There are times when other passive vehicles such as TIPs, ETFs and index funds might be appropriate solutions for individual needs; we can help you access these resources.
  • If you come to us with holdings that you do not wish to sell, your advisor can accommodate them within your overall portfolio. 

I am not in the Louisville Metropolitan region. Can CAM still be my advisor?
Quite likely. CAM already serves clients all across the country.  Our advisors frequently travel and often are able to schedule client meetings while they are in your town.

Your advisor also has a breadth of proven experience providing high-quality services via telephone or electronic communications. And of course you are encouraged to stop by our offices for a visit any time you might travel to Louisville.

What other services does CAM provide (besides investment advisory services)? For example, do you offer financial planning, retirement planning or estate planning?
As a Registered Investment Advisor, CAM focuses primarily on helping you achieve your financial objectives via a structured, long-term approach to investing. Of course, there are many considerations integral to your investment plans that require coordinated management. You gain access to many additional resources, tools or relationships as part of our service to you. For example:

  • CAM advisors routinely assist clients with retirement (or other long-term objective) planning, incorporating Monte Carlo analysis tools when appropriate.
  • Your advisor periodically reviews your portfolio for tax management opportunities and helps you implement them when appropriate.
  • You also can access risk management advice - incorporating tools such as life insurance and long-term care insurance when appropriate - via our trusted team of affiliates.
  • Your CAM investment advisor is available for ongoing discussions about various financial and estate planning details that impact your portfolio.
  • If you require formal financial- or estate-planning services, CAM maintains a strong network of strategic allies and referral contacts for these services as well as for other specialized areas of expertise that lie outside of the scope of our offerings. Or, we can explore coordinating our efforts with specialized professionals with whom you already have established a trusted relationship.

I have a question that does not appear here. How should I proceed?

Please contact us at your convenience!

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