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Is It Different This Time?
Many people are asking "Is It Different This Time?". In this presentation, DFA's Weston Wellington reviews past market actions through the eyes of the media.

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April 2009: Why Our Advice is Always the Same

Overview: It can be hard to hear the best course of action during tough market times may be to do nothing. It can be even harder to hear the message repeatedly as things seem to get worse. But it is a message we would not repeat if we did not truly believe it was in your best interests. The following discusses why our message is not wavering despite the market.

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Jay Conner
Let us be your guest speaker
at your service club luncheon,
corporate seminar or in your classroom. 
There is no fee for this service.
Here is a list of popular topics we cover:
  • "Retirement...How Will I Ever Get There?"
  • "I'm Retired...Now what Do I Do With My Money?"
  • "What Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know"
  • "I'm A Small Business, Why Do I Want A Retirement Plan"
We are happy to address other topics of particular interest to you.

To arrange for a speaker or to discuss
a special presentation for your organization...
please contact Jay Conner...
phone: 812-288-2881


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