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June 2008: Wealth Within the Family Dynamic

Overview: Wealth counselor and psychotherapist Marilyn Wechter discusses how family wealth can affect parents and children in different ways. Marilyn also touches on the subject of how family members can begin repairing damaged relationships and change the meaning of money throughout the family dynamic.

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June 2008: Helping Children Understand the Meaning of Money and Wealth

Overview: Wealth counselor and psychotherapist Marilyn Wechter shares insights into how parents can better communicate with their children about the topics of money and wealth. She addresses the psychological impact of wealth on children under 18. Also, Marilyn offers practical tips for parents interested in establishing effective allowances and budgets. .

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August 2007: Déjà vu All Over Again

Overview: Recently the stock market has experienced significant volatility. This article includes several important concepts to help you remain disciplined and stay the course with your investment strategy.

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December 2007: The Next Peter Lynch

Overview: Some investor are constantly searching for the next great fund manager.  These investors are hoping to discover someone like Peter Lynch, who ran the Fidelity Magellan Fund and trounced the S&P 500 Index.  With his investing insights, Lynch should be an ideal choice as someone who could indentify a great fund manager  However, the following demonstrates that not even he has been able to pick the next Peter Lynch.

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January 2008: If You Can't Stand The Heat

Overview: The stock market’s recent activity continues to make headlines. The following article reviews several important concepts, including why investors should expect periods of underperformance by value stocks and why they should not allow this to convince them to abandon their long-term investment strategy.

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January 2008: 5 Dirty Words of Investing

Overview: When the market experiences significant volatility, investors get bombarded with messages about what they should do with their investments. The following discusses the messages pitched to investors and why investors should simply tune them out.

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April 2008: Equity Markets and Recessions

Overview: With the U.S. economy showing several signs of recession, investors may be tempted to move assets out of equity markets and into historically safer investments. The following discusses how equity markets have behaved before, during and after recessions and why moving assets may not be in investors’ best interests.

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