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Capital Asset Management, LLC (CAM) is a registered investment advisory firm providing investment services and solutions for high-net-worth individuals, trusts, charitable organizations, businesses and qualified retirement plans. We pursue strategies that best serve the goals and needs of each individual or entity, and each receives our complete attention and carefully considered advice.

Founded in 2000 by the partners of the highly regarded, experienced accounting firm of McCauley, Nicolas Company, LLC. Capital Asset Management approaches investing by relying on methods and institutions that help clients take advantage of the developments arising from the latest knowledge and research to new technologies and globalization. CAM is a full-service investment firm with a difference from what most other such companies offer. We offer our clients access to Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) mutual funds. These were specifically created to help large institutional investors pinpoint the most productive types of assets, as identified through academic research.

By offering clients this complete  approach, CAM covers the field of investment options for our clients whose assets demand the best service and solutions.  We hope that you will contact us for further information on our distinctive service.  Please realize that there is no fee for an initial consultation.

When you become a client, we manage your account which is held in your name at Charles Schwab & Company. Before we get started we meet and help you to identify and state the level of risk you want to assume. Based on this statement, your advisor quarterly reviews each asset class in your portfolio, and if warranted, rebalances your investments in accordance with your stated plan. 




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